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Finding Your Wellness Niche And Specialty

align Sep 01, 2021

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of new health and wellness businesses from new weight-loss programs and coaching, nutritional coaches, products, and more.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to succeed in your business. If you define your niche and hone into your specialty, you’ll limit your competition and increase your chances of success. One of the most important aspects of finding success in your business is through your specific niche, whether it’s gut health, weight loss, or autoimmune disorders, and then narrowing it down to creating a solution for a problem within that specific market.

This is how you stand out and fill the gap within the market. Plus, you reduce your competition within the market and improve your success rate. Reducing your target market might seem counterproductive to increasing your profits, but it’s exactly what you need to make sales, spend less in advertising, and build on your expertise in that specific area. 

In fact, one of the main reasons most new businesses fail is because they don’t have a niche. They focus on trying to appeal to everyone, and this broad audience isn’t specific to anyone. It makes selling difficult, relating to your customer harder, and standing out above the competition impossible and expensive.

By becoming a specialist in your field, not only will you stand out within the field, but you’ll also reduce your advertising costs, and you’ll know exactly who your target audience is - what their fears, concerns, and problems are—and creating a product that will be the answer to it all.

Here’s how you can find your niche and specialty within the health and wellness market and begin growing a thriving business with eager customers: 


Start By Evaluating Your Passions and Skills

Your passion helps you to make sales. If you’ve been overweight and have lost weight, you are likely passionate about losing weight. If you or someone you know suffers from an autoimmune disorder, this might be a niche that will keep you motivated. Having a passion for a specific area makes all the difference in many aspects of your business.

By incorporating your special skills and experience along with your passion, not only will you have the knowledge to pass along, but you’ll also have the motivation, excitement, and understanding that will prove to be helpful to your business and customers.


Determine If There’s A Market

Not every niche will have a flood of potential customers. It’s important that you’re taking the time to determine if there’s a market for your specific niche and that it’s big enough for your business to be successful.

 You can achieve this by doing a simple search using the Google Keyword Planner tool.

 You’ll start by putting some keywords that are related to your potential niche. This will help you to discover how many people are searching each month, what the competition is and how much it may cost when using those keywords to beat out the competition.

The search volume should be between 1K-10K per month. Anything less means there’s not much of a market, and anything more, you’ll have an increase of competition. And you’ll want to be sure that the keywords are low-medium.


Narrowing Down Your Niche

The tighter your niche, the higher the earning potential. Why? It’s simple, you’ve narrowed down your target audience and are able to give them exactly what they need. Be sure that you are taking the time to find a niche within a niche. For example, the weight loss sector is huge, and even choosing a specific diet within that market is big. You’ll want to choose something more specific and smaller, such as the “vegan keto diet.”

A great way to do this is by doing some research within Facebook groups and searching for subreddits. See what people are talking about and see if there’s a product or service to fill that.

Getting specific within your market might seem as if you’re reducing your potential client base, but the truth is you’re actually improving your chances of success. When you target a specific audience with products and services, you’re able to speak directly to them and build an authentic connection with them. When you understand exactly who you are talking to, which increases engagement with relevant and targeted messages.


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